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AC Cobra? More Like DC Cobra!

We can all relate to perhaps one of the greatest moments in motoring history – when Caroll Shelby took out the Bristol inline-6 cylinder engine from the AC ACE and dropped a burbling American V8 under the hood and the Shelby Cobra Mk 1 was born.

History had been made.

It had been a radical change, moving the humble British sports car from a conservative, quite sporty into the car that sports car people will really want to own above all others - real sports car has a look, a sound, and a feel that pushes out quiet and conservative Dr. Jekyl and instead ignites the inner Mr. Hyde.

The conversion added torque and power into an already intelligently designed sports car. It’s a car that makes every driving experience unforgettable and it continues to have passionate people taking the commercial risk to continue making them.

In continuing this legacy of challenges to the status quo, Hayden Cobra have made a similar leap in changing the rules and shifting the paradigms.

What did we do?

Hayden Cobra are now able to offer the Cobra in not only the standard V8 petrol engines, but also added an Electric drive option to our line-up.

The Electric Cobra is exciting – offering instantaneous torque. The Electric Cobra will be able to deliver 450 Nm (~332 ft/lb) at peak output and 105 Nm in regenerative braking, producing 449HP output at the motor. All of this in a powerplant weighing 132kg (291lbs). That is a power-to-weight ratio of 1.543 HP per lbs. This performance, coupled with the Hayden Cobra’s light weight and sports chassis, make for a great design and driving experience!

The Electric Cobra will also offer the same great driving experience available in the Petrol versions of the Cobra. It has great acceleration and with the battery technology available we are able to offer you great range!

If you are interested in getting more information, or ordering an Electric Cobra, please get in touch!

Chat soon!


Below are the specifications or the electric drive train:

There are also some other Advantages of Electric Cobras:

An electric Cobra has many advantages over vehicles utilizing an internal combustion engine. An electric Cobra is very clean. There are no gas emissions. Also eliminated are other problem pollutants such as oil, transmission fluid and radiator fluid. The only hydrocarbon-based substance used is the grease which lubricates bearings.

EVs have fewer moving parts. Electric Cobras are very simplistic. The propulsion system in an ICE vehicle has hundreds of moving parts. An electric vehicle's propulsion system has but one: the electric motor. In addition to reducing maintenance costs and saving on lubricants and oils, the reduction in friction losses contributes to the energy efficiency of electric vehicles.

Electric Cobras are very energy efficient. For every 100 units of fuel that are expended in an ICE vehicle, only 16 actually result in propulsion. An Electric Cobra, however, will use almost 85 units out of 100 for driving the vehicle.

Electric Cobras have another significant advantage over ICE vehicles: regenerative braking. When an Electric Cobra is slowing down, the motor becomes a generator and provides energy to the batteries. An additional benefit of this process is the braking effect of the motor on the vehicle, thereby reducing brake wear.

Electric Cobras do not utilize a transmission. The motors are single speed and acceleration is smooth, no bump or jolt like transmissions.

An Electric Cobra can be recharged at home, saving a stop at a gas station. The only downside to this is the time it takes to fully recharge an "empty" battery. This could be as long as 6 hours. Charger technology is rapidly improving and it is currently possible to recharge an "empty" battery to 80% full as quickly as 20 minutes.

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